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Accelerating Innovation: Reflections on the Startups Growth Conference in Hyderabad

Startups Growth Conference, held on June 22nd at The Headquarters – Orbit in Hyderabad, stood out as a crucial platform for sparking entrepreneurial creativity and promoting partnerships. This event garnered considerable interest not only due to its impressive lineup of speakers but also for its integral role in fostering substantial interactions and establishing the foundation for upcoming alliances.

The event achieved remarkable success, driven by esteemed panelists who captivated  the audience with their profound expertise and visionary perspectives. Distinguished leaders like G.V. Yasasvi from Tatva Legal Hyderabad, Arvind Modi, General Partner of Sathguru Catalyser Fund, Rathnakar Samavedam, Investment Director of Hyderabad Angels, and Mahesh Iyer, Founder & Fractional CRO of RCG & Moina Qazi, Head of strategy and operations HESA. Moderated by Mohit Sureka, Founder & CEO of Global Startups Club and Mojo Capital, the panel discussions promised insightful exploration of emerging trends in the startup ecosystem. With each speaker offering unique perceptions and actionable strategies, the event inspired attendees to forge new paths and collaborations in the ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship.

The dedicated cooperation of honored brand partners, including Mojo Capital (Investment Banking Partner), Gamezon (Entertainment Partner), Global Startups Club (Ecosystem Partner), along with The Headquarters – Orbit (Venue Partner), Tatva Legal Hyderabad (Knowledge Session Partner), QI Media (Media Partner) and IDFC First Bank is a specialized banking partner focused on meeting the unique needs of startups through tailored services and support.  Their unwavering partnership and concerted efforts were instrumental in the event’s success, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing business excellence and fostering an atmosphere of innovation.

During the conference, G.V. Yasasvi from Tatva Legal Hyderabad underscored the critical role of smooth diligence in securing timely investments: “A smooth diligence is the key for raising investments on time. Understanding the nuances and implications of a due diligence will not only help startups save time but also increase investor confidence.” As Manager at Tatva Legal, a top full-service law firm in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, G.V. Yasasvi exemplifies their expertise in M&A, private equity, venture capital, and corporate advisory. His strategic insights are instrumental in navigating complex legal landscapes and ensuring successful outcomes for a diverse clientele, reinforcing Tatva Legal’s reputation as India’s leading regional firm.

During the thought-provoking panel discussions, esteemed experts Arvind Modi, Rathnakar Samavedam, and Mahesh Iyer, alongside moderator Mohit Sureka, explored the theme of “Leading Through Change: Strategies for business resilience in uncertain times”. The discourse sparked dynamic conversations and fostered meaningful connections among attendees. The panelists explored strategies for business resilience in uncertain times, focusing on adaptive measures and innovation in volatile markets. They highlighted agility, foresight, and industry trends as crucial for navigating uncertainties and achieving sustainable growth. The discussions spurred insightful dialogues, emphasizing the importance of proactive resilience-building for long-term success in challenging environments.

Furthermore, the session titled “Challenges & Course Corrections for Startups to Raise Investments in Funding Winter,” led by industry experts Moina Qazi, and moderated by Mohit Sureka, offered profound insights into the dynamic investment landscape. The discussion delved into the hurdles faced by startups during economic downturns and outlined strategic adjustments necessary to secure funding amidst challenging times. Also, shared practical advice on navigating investor expectations, adapting business models, and leveraging industry networks to sustain growth and attract investment capital. Their collective expertise underscored the importance of resilience, strategic planning, and proactive engagement in overcoming funding challenges and achieving long-term financial viability.

Startups Growth Conference held in Hyderabad showcased a vibrant array of startup pitches, unveiling pioneering ventures set to revolutionize various industries. One standout pitch was from KaushikDhwanee Music, Dance, and Art Academy, which operates both offline and online formats, dedicated to democratizing music education and removing barriers to learning, offering comprehensive solutions for effective music education. Another noteworthy presentation was by HabHub, a brand focused on promoting healthy lifestyle habits through AI-driven personalized nutrition plans and continuous support. These pitches spanned diverse sectors including technology, healthcare, finance, and sustainability, highlighting the rich entrepreneurial diversity in India. The event provided attendees with firsthand exposure to innovative solutions, fostering collaboration and presenting opportunities for investment across different sectors.

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