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Ambit Finvest Secures Strategic Investment of ₹690 Crore to Bolster MSME Lending and Empower India’s Growth Engine

Mumbai, India – March 28, 2024 –Ambit Finvest Secures Strategic Investment of ₹690 Crore to Bolster MSME Lending and Empower India’s Growth Engine Ambit Finvest, a prominent non-banking financial company (NBFC) dedicated to empowering micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), has announced the successful completion of a strategic investment round totaling ₹690 crore (approximately USD $86 million). The capital injection, led by a ₹415-crore investment from Japan’s Daiwa Securities Group and contributions from existing shareholders, positions Ambit Finvest for significant expansion and a leadership role within the Indian MSME financing landscape.

Ambit Finvest Secures Strategic Investment of ₹690 Crore to Bolster MSME Lending and Empower India’s Growth Engine

Fueling the Backbone of the Indian Economy

“This funding round represents a critical juncture in Ambit Finvest’s growth trajectory,” stated Ashok Wadhwa, Group CEO of Ambit. “The infused capital will empower us to accelerate our market presence and propel our next phase of expansion. This will enable us to provide even more robust support to India’s vital MSME sector, the engine of our nation’s economic dynamism.”

Established in 2018, Ambit Finvest has carved out a distinct niche by catering specifically to the financial needs of MSMEs. The company offers a comprehensive suite of financial solutions, encompassing secured and unsecured business loans, along with used vehicle loans. This diverse portfolio empowers MSME owners to secure the necessary capital to fuel their growth aspirations, navigate operational hurdles, and contribute meaningfully to India’s economic vibrancy.

A Proven Track Record and a Vision for the Future

Ambit Finvest’s commitment to MSMEs is demonstrably evident in its impressive track record. Within a mere six years, the company has disbursed over ₹6,000 crore worth of loans and currently manages over ₹3,800 crore in assets. This translates into tangible support for over 68,000 MSME business owners across the nation. Ambit Finvest operates through a well-established network of 165 branches spread strategically across 11 states, manned by a dedicated team exceeding 2,000 employees. The company’s philosophy extends beyond simply offering financial products; it recognizes the importance of financial literacy and business acumen for the success of MSMEs. Ambit Finvest offers financial workshops and educational resources, equipping MSME owners with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions and navigate the complexities of business management.

A Strategic Partnership for Mutual Growth

The investment by Daiwa Securities Group signifies a significant development for Ambit Finvest. Daiwa, a long-term strategic investor, acknowledges the immense potential of the Indian MSME sector and the crucial role Ambit Finvest plays in its growth. “We view India as a strategically significant market positioned for sustained economic expansion,” stated Seiji Nakata, President and CEO of Daiwa Securities Group. “Our investment in Ambit Finvest underscores our unwavering confidence in the company’s leadership and its unwavering dedication to empowering MSMEs.”

A Synergistic Partnership with Global Implications

This strategic partnership extends beyond mere financial investment. Daiwa and Ambit already collaborate on institutional equities, equity capital markets, and public fundraising initiatives. With the investment in Ambit Finvest, Nakata highlights the potential to “expand business operations in India” and leverage the existing Indo-Japan economic corridor for further growth. This collaboration presents exciting possibilities for knowledge sharing and the cross-pollination of best practices between the two financial powerhouses, ultimately benefiting both Indian and Japanese businesses.

Building a Brighter Future for Indian MSMEs

The ₹690 crore capital infusion empowers Ambit Finvest to strengthen its technological infrastructure, expand its branch network, and refine its product offerings. A portion of the capital will be strategically allocated towards developing user-friendly mobile applications and online loan management platforms. This focus on digital innovation will streamline the loan application process for MSMEs, improve operational efficiency for Ambit Finvest, and enhance the overall customer experience. By fostering financial inclusion, innovation, and growth within the MSME sector, Ambit Finvest, with the backing of Daiwa Securities Group, is well-positioned to make a lasting impact on the economic landscape of India.

Going beyond simply providing financial capital, Ambit Finvest aspires to be a partner in the entrepreneurial journeys of MSME owners. The company offers not only loans but also valuable financial guidance, mentorship, and access to business networks. This holistic approach positions Ambit Finvest as a key driver of MSME growth and a vital contributor to the socio-economic development of India.

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Ambit Finvest Pvt. Ltd., the systemically important NBFC of Ambit Group, empowers 68,000+ MSMEs across 11 states, disbursing INR ~6,000 crore loans, embodying ‘pragati ke partner

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