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Assembly: Redefining Luggage for the Modern Indian Traveller

Assembly: Redefining Luggage for the Modern Indian Traveller Assembly, launched in late 2019 by Mohit Garg and Aditya Khanna, is a homegrown luggage brand that stands out for its blend of aesthetics and functionality. Driven by a desire to elevate luggage from a mere commodity to a stylish companion for modern travellers, Assembly offers premium luggage, trolley bags, suitcases, and backpacks.

Born from a Legacy, Driven by Innovation

Mohit, the Co-founder and CEO of Assembly, comes from a family deeply entrenched in the luggage manufacturing industry. However, he observed a gap in the market – a lack of luggage that combined practicality with style. Partnering with Aditya, a seasoned entrepreneur with experience in diverse fields like music and advertising, Mohit embarked on a mission to bring innovation to the luggage industry.

Assembly Bags: Where Functionality Meets Style

Assembly’s luggage goes beyond aesthetics, incorporating thoughtful features for enhanced user experience. The Stark Pro bag, for instance, boasts a unique combination of polycarbonate and soft materials, offering both durability and practicality. It features a laptop compartment, a trolley ticket holder, a shoe bag, and a packing cube, maximizing convenience for travellers.

Another notable innovation is the Jetson trolley backpack, designed for everyday use with its lightweight construction, padded laptop compartment, and convenient shoulder strap. The duffel bag, with its 180-degree opening compartments, allows for easy organization during long journeys.

Assembly’s commitment to quality extends beyond its product features. They prioritize consumer feedback and research, constantly iterating their products based on user needs. They even include a paper tag listing commonly forgotten items, adding a thoughtful touch to their luggage.

Made in India, for the World

Assembly takes pride in being a Made in India brand. Over 90% of their products are manufactured in India, using high-quality materials sourced from various parts of the country. This commitment to local manufacturing not only fosters self-reliance but also ensures quality control throughout the production process.

The name “Assembly” itself reflects their philosophy. Mohit explains, “You can find the best materials, but your final product is based on how you assemble those materials.” This meticulous attention to detail is evident in the craftsmanship and functionality of their luggage.

Assembly’s Journey: From Startup to Growth

The brand began with an initial investment of Rs 1.5 crore, launching with two products – an overnight bag and a laptop backpack. However, their initial journey was met with the unexpected challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. With their target audience being travellers and office goers, their sales were significantly impacted.

Demonstrating resilience, Assembly adapted by launching new products like tech accessory bags and organizers, catering to the evolving needs of consumers during the pandemic. This adaptability has allowed them to grow, now offering around 12 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units).

From a team of six to a dedicated workforce of 45, Assembly has grown significantly. Their Gurgaon-based company primarily generates sales through three channels: their official website (45%), e-commerce marketplaces (45%), and corporate orders (10%).

Assembly’s Shark Tank India Moment

The brand’s recent appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3 further propelled them into the spotlight. While they declined an investment offer due to specific terms, their participation marked a significant moment in their growth trajectory.

Looking Ahead: Redefining the Future of Luggage

Assembly’s co-founders, Mohit and Aditya, have set ambitious goals for the future. They aim to achieve Rs 50 crore in revenue by the next fiscal year, more than doubling their current revenue. Their strategy involves expanding their product portfolio with 6-7 new SKUs and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Ultimately, Assembly aspires to revolutionize the way Indians perceive luggage, transforming it from a mere utilitarian item to a stylish and functional companion for the modern traveller.

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