Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Funded Startups Conference 2024: Bridging Innovators and Investors in Chennai and Jaipur

Funded Startups Conference 2024  is set to take place in two major Indian cities, Chennai on May 25, and Jaipur on June 1, offering an exclusive platform for investors and founders of funded startups. The event, powered by Global Startups Club in association with Mojo Capital, is designed to facilitate meaningful connections, showcase innovative ventures, and explore investment opportunities. With a focus on companies with a revenue stage of INR 2 crore and above, this conference promises to be a vibrant gathering for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Connect with a curated group of investors actively seeking promising investment opportunities. Build relationships, pitch your startup, and explore partnerships that can fuel your growth.

The conference will feature key sessions aimed at promoting investor networking, startup showcasing, investment insights, and a collaborative environment where industry leaders and founders can share knowledge and best practices.

Funded Startups Conference 2024 is organized by a collaborative team of leading industry partners, including – Mojo Capital (Investment Banking Partner), Gamezon (Entertainment Partner), Global Startups Club (Ecosystem Partner), and QI Media (Media Partner). Together, these partners have created a dynamic space for business leaders to connect and share expertise, setting the stage for impactful networking and potential investment opportunities.

The Chennai event will kick off with startup pitches, allowing participants to engage with fellow executives and industry experts. The first panel discussion, titled “Challenges & Course Corrections for Startups to Raise Investments in Funding Winter,” will feature three venture capital firms. The second panel discussion, “Criteria for Startups in 2024 for Raising Funds,” will provide deeper insights into current investment trends. The panel moderator includes Mohit Sureka, Founder & CEO of Global Startups Club & Mojo Capital.

In Jaipur, the conference will start with startup pitches, followed by a panel discussion titled “Building and Maintaining Founder Relationships: An Investor’s Perspective.” The second panel, “Innovation vs. Profitability: Balancing Short-term Returns with Long-term Vision in Startups,” will explore the challenges startups face. These sessions will also be moderated by Mohit Sureka.

 The Funded Startups Conference 2024 will conclude with a final round of startup pitches, followed by open networking. This closing segment provides attendees with a prime opportunity to connect with a curated group of investors, share insights with industry leaders, and explore potential partnerships. It’s an essential part of the conference for anyone looking to engage with key investors and contribute to the future of the Indian startup ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of a vibrant community that’s driving innovation and shaping the Indian startup landscape.

If you are a funded startup or a business, this is your opportunity to connect with top investors, founders, and industry experts. Secure your tickets to the Funded Startups Conference 2024 to pitch your business, build strategic partnerships, and gain insights into the latest investment trends. The event, held in Chennai and Jaipur, offers a unique platform for networking and learning from seasoned investors. Visit the event website to get your tickets:
Chennai Event:

Jaipur Event:

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